Life is TEMPOrary.


Okay, so, what God has been distinctively teaching me lately are small details that are creating a much larger picture. He has taken things out of my life and added new things. Kinda like a replacement. Only more frustrating…ha! He has made me use my brain…which is exactly what I’ve asked Him to do. He is making me rely on my own Faith, define my Faith, and bringing me through sticky situations. Through all of this, I know He only wants me to be thanking Him. With this, He wants to soften my stubborn heart. See what I mean? After one step, then another, and then one more until everything links together.

So more specifically (or more overall), He has taught me to stop the frick with worrying about every frickin detail of life. You know why? Because it doesn’t matter. Everything on Earth is temporary. What matters is your fate: where you end up. I read the other day in Hebrews about how death is inevitable. We all face it. But as Christians, we are saved from the sting of death.

Don’t take me the wrong way. Please, continue to have your goals, your life desires, your picture perfect future, and enjoy life. Have your “you only live once moments.” But just remember that what we are experiencing on Earth is a millimeter of what’s to come. Think about it. If life were a 12″┬áruler, life right now would probably take up just 1 millimeter! Bet you’ve never heard that analogy before! Muhaha!

Anyways…don’t let your life consume you. I know I’ve changed the theme of this post about 5 times, but welcome to my brain’s thought process.

Peace homies.