About Meaaaaa

My name is Christina. It all started on July 3rd when my parents weren’t quite ready for me to come into the world. But then, weren’t they waiting almost 9 months for me already? Anyways, I’m obviously a college student and so far my life has had it’s ups and ups (with minimal downs).

Let’s get down to the niddy gritty. I’ve written over 5 journals when I was younger. Then high school hit –and I had no time, no one, and nothing to talk about. My life was busy from the minute I woke up for school at the latest time possible for the most amount of sleep, until my body hit the sheets at the end of the night. I was a competitive dancer and diligent school girl. I found friends slowly starting to dwindle away from me but at the same time, I grew closer to so many more new faces.

Now that I am settled in college (actually, each year comes with surprising events, so I shouldn’t say “settled”) I find myself in awe with the close friendships I’ve made in such a short time period. And I’m a witness that college literally happens so fast. I feel like it was yesterday that I applied to various colleges.

Now I’m applying to Grad school. WHATTTT.


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