20 Random Things.

The title says it all. I’m going to tell you 20 random things about myself that you probably don’t know, but high five if you do!

  1. I’ve visited Germany 8 times, because I am German. No joke.
  2. I’m allergic to bananas.
  3. I’ve wanted to be an astronaut, a firefighter, a vet, a ballerina, and a dolphin trainer. Only 2 years ago I decided to study Nutritional Sciences and make it a career.
  4. In my 20 years of existence, I’ve only own my car for the past 6 months. This is because I have to pay for things by myself!
  5. I have always wanted a younger sibling.
  6. I want to eventually adopt a kid.
  7. Never been in a relationship & everything that comes with it.
  9. The only reason I want to go to grad school (other than furthering my education) is because I’m not ready in a year and a half to start a full-time job. Slow down, ya know?
  10. I have very weird eating habits. Just ask me…or people who know me.
  11. I was homeschooled for 6 years. I equally love being in a classroom or being in my bed while doing school.
  12. I feel like a majority of girls are scared of spiders, but I’m kinda like “Bring it on…” because it’s just an insect.
  13. I can type very fast and sometimes I wish I could get a scholarship for it.
  14. I danced for 12 years as a sport, now I still do it as a hobby.
  15. I’m a clean FREAK.
  16. I have always wanted a kid with the initials BMW. I have no clue why other than it’s a car.
  17. I laugh A LOT and some kids in high school made major fun of me but then I was given the title “Girl with the best laugh.” #proudmoment
  18. I played piano for 5 years and now I want to relearn it!
  19. People have told me I kinda have an accent, but it’s not from the south, north, east, or west part of the country. One person described it as a “crystal clear voice” kinda what like new anchors have. So I guess that’s fun.
  20. I love Jesus (saving the best for last, obvi).

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The number one question I was asked in high school when applying to colleges (or life after high school in general), was the following, “Describe where you see yourself in five years.” Umm, ok. Well obviously college takes about four years, sooo probably hunting down a job if I didn’t have one coming out of college. So, I didn’t feel “ready” to even be able to answer that question. Being a junior in college, I think maybe now would be an appropriate time for the same question. Maybe this will be a popular question? Nah, most likely it’ll be “Are you dating anyone?” question, let’s be honest. Everyone can relate.

So, in five years I will be 25 years old. I plan on going to grad school after graduating with my bachelor degree. Therefore, in about five years, I will be done with school for the rest of my life (hopefully). Here’s a list of what I think my life will look like:

  • Most likely, I will accept a job offer and move to wherever that location is.
  • I hope to be debt free and pay off any grad school loans.
  • If I don’t get a job right out of graduate school, I told myself that’s a “meant-to-be” situation and I would probably travel outside the country. Of course, when all else fails, direct yourself to something you love. In my case it’s hopping onto airplanes.
  • If I’m called in a different direction other than having a full-time job, I will go that direction. I’ve found in the past that always trusting God’s instincts rather than my own is always the way to go.
  • On the same note as traveling, I’m required (long story) to take a trip with a few guidelines. The first guideline is that it has to be somewhere where I’ve never been and it needs to be done BEFORE I’m 25. So I might be able to squeeze it in right after grad school finishes. I’ll keep you posted.
  • Most likely won’t be in a relationship; unless it’s God’s plan. I’ll also keep you posted on that.
  • My relationship with Christ to be ever more closer than ever. Each year I grow so much in my trust and faith in the Lord. Although it’s not an overnight process (at least not for me), I know that I try hard to rely on Him and stay rooted in my faith.
  • Start doing medical missions! Why not use my education of nutrition to help countries that aren’t able to receive the education I did? HELLO. Yes please.

Alright, this is all I can think of. It’s mostly a broad overview, but I’m not good with details in general so what more could you expect.

Moments that stick with you.

Sometimes, I encounter people, and then all of a sudden they just stick with me. Their face, their name, the way the acted…it’s all crystal clear in my memory. So weird.

Today, I saw a particular person, and although he was a guy, this has happened to me with kids, pets, waitresses, or whoever. But today it was a guy. I smiled at him, because that’s my job. He gave me a cold smile back. His personality exactly…! About 10 minutes passed and all of a sudden I asked him if he needed help carrying his load out to his car. I’ve never offered help like this before, however, it’s the first thing that came out of my mouth when I noticed his struggle. He starred at me for a few seconds and replied, “Actually, yes that would be great.”

Twenty seconds later, I was back at my job, out of the cold, as he thanked me, looked at me for a few more seconds, and I turned around and walked away. I’m probably overestimating things, but he just stuck with me. He wasn’t a drop dead gorgeous guy, his personality was closed off, but there was something about the way he handled the situation, or maybe it was the stare that he held a few seconds too long to be considered normal.


Who knows. But it’s encounters like this that makes me go into my “deep thinking cave” and wonder. For some reason, I feel like in a different world, him and I could be great friends.

For the next 365 days…

It’s amazing how we celebrate a New year..once a year. Approximately every 365 days. To me, nothing ever seems to different other than it’s January all over again and a digit changes on the year I barely even write anymore. Honestly, Jaunary is the more awkward month of the year. We build up all of this anticipation all throughout December about an upcoming year and then the moment it hits 12:00 AM and you have your NYE kiss (which I’ve never even had one). Then it’s all of a sudden a brand New Year and you look at each other and say “Now what?” Guess it’s back to reality.


When I look back at my 2013, there was no ground breaking experience I’ve had, really. Being in college, you’d think that I’d experience a lot of “new things” but honestly, I’ve made most of my memories through experiences with my closest friend while just hanging out at each other’s houses. 2013 promised to be a good year. And it was!


Now, in 2013, I can already tell that I will have several important decisions to make. In 2014, I will become a senior, apply to graduate school and internship programs, and I plan to gain a lot of job experience throughout the entire year. During this year, much of my future will be determine with whichever way I go, kinda like I’ll be experiencing a lot of forks in the road and I gotta determine which way to go…all of them go straight but each just down a different path. Yep, I’ve just described my future in the form of a fork. Ha!


Most of all, I want 2014 to be a year not defined of change, but continuing my goal of growing closer with Christ. With this, I know all other plans will fall into place.


Happy New Year!