After staring at the word “aging” for a while, it starts to look really weird. Like “a-ging” and then you start to stare at “ging” for 30 seconds and wonder why it even matters.


Anyways, recently I’ve found myself around some aging people. When I was super young, I loved them, because the elderly women in my church smelled so good and the old little men would bend down and give me a hand shake. I looked up to these people. They got my respect and my reverence. I then entered a different stage around middle school where I thought old people creeped my out so bad. I believed they were contagious of anything and everything. They were grumpy, had no humor, and thought that “teenagers” weren’t living life the right way. We apparently were robbed from our lifestyle by our very own ways of living. Cool.

Now, I see aging in an entirely different light. Yes, it’s sad. With at least some education under my belt, I now understand the difficulties they face, especially concerning medical conditions. Many are at the end of their rope while others aren’t letting age define them. Either way, they’ve gotten to a point in their life where things just kinda plateau. With the elderly (and I’m talking old old, not like your parents age or something), I’ve realized that yes, they slow, you gotta somewhat shout at them for them to understand the general topic of conversation, you sometimes want to stand your distance. But also, I also learned that they were just like me; many many years ago. They probably went to college, had jobs, did some volunteering. They experienced life and now¬†have a history. At first, you might think that they don’t wanna talk to you. Some might try to shut you out. But if you give them a few minutes, they will open up to conversations with you. Even if it’s the simplest things, words coming from someone who has more experience that I may ever have in life in standing right in front of me. When you learn to accept this –they let their true personality shine.

I’ve witnessed this, especially this past school year. This age group is such a forgotten group of people. But quite honestly, it fascinates me. If someone can get along with the elderly, props to them. It’s almost more difficult that getting along with kids. Because one day, you yourself will hit that mark in life where you’re not much of the focus anymore. Age in beautiful.