Hashtag Blessed…..but really.

“First in line to order Starbucks this morning #blessed”
“Just bought the last package of mac and cheese at the store #blessed”
“Eating chocolate cake #blessed”

Okay so basically now when someone says that they are blessed in their life…they kinda say it with sarcasm. I will admit, I’ve said it many times before on social media. But now I’ve come to realized that being blessed depends so highly on our outlook of our faith, our relationship with Christ and most definitely our attitudes.

I’ve done a lot of thinking this past week. With being around my family, I found myself thinking back on the days that I was just a young little girl swinging on my favorite tree swing that my dad made by hand on our 1 acre of green land back in Pennsylvania. I also remember the selfish fights my brother and I had that we now look back on and laugh. I recall several memories I had in public school where other kids made fun of me and I never understood why. I remember the time I tried to ride my bike and roller blade at the same time which ended up leaving bloody scratches on my cheeks and forehead. I distinctly remember the time I asked my mom why the cashier handed her back so much money at the grocery store. I remember the time when my dad told us on our family vacation he left his job because he felt led to go in a different direction with his career. I started to realize that life is so much more than being mad at my parents for forcing me to move to a state in the middle of the country (Oklahoma).  

This is when I started to realize that hardships are a part of life and absolutely no one can ignore or run away from. You have to deal with them. You learn, whether the event was a mistake or not. This week, I looked back on my life and see how far myself (and my family) has come. Honestly, we are blessed. At one point, we had everything and plenty more. The next, we had nothing. Today, we have what we need. We are blessed; without a doubt. God has taught us that the roof over our head is so so so beautiful and we need to have a grateful heart for our home. For our vehicles. For our friendships and for ourselves being together. For our health. For the way God has purposefully composed our lives. I learned to live by faith.

I am blessed to be obtaining an education, so how dare I complain about it?
I am blessed to have an amazing, supporting, loving father, mother and brother. Amazing friends. Relationships.

Honestly, a majority of us go throughout the day…taking things for complete granted. At the same time, a majority of us need to have a more thankful heart and truly understand the meaning of being blessed. Being in the United States, we live in such a rich environment and have so much freedom. God has been teaching me so much that it can all be taken from us any second. Our expiration date can be a breath away.

This afternoon, I started to go into complete stress-out mode on my dad. I told him I was worrying so much about grad school: where to go, how to pay for it, which direction to focus on etc. He looked me in the eye and said “Christina, where is all this worry rooting from?” and at first I pointed to my mom in the kitchen and said “I got those genes from her” but my dad really knew what I was thinking. Worry doesn’t come from God. He gives us confidence. He is not a God of doubt. And this is something I remind myself daily. I can’t run away from my stress and worry, but I know who I can turn to.

Peace homies.


Why are coffee shops so versatile?


I wanna be like you, coffee shop. Okay so this totally sparked as I’m sitting on this rainy afternoon in a particular coffee shop where I’ve been observing people as studying for my midterms because multi-tasking is the new thing, right? So why do we really go to coffee shops? Most of us would think to go study right? Nah. It’s 2014. Now it’s to chat it up with some humans AKA dates. Seriously. I’m sitting here and at least three couples are here on a date. Some guys I’ve recognized and I swore they had a girlfriend? Ew. Kinda sketch. No judgment there though.

Then there’s people that just sit and read the newspaper.

Then you have that one man who slowly drinks coffee from his cup and stares out the window.

Then you have the two moms (maybe one with their new born baby) that are catching up on the married lyfe, ya know?

So long story short, coffee places are probably actually to just hang out and build connections. I’ve done this before. Several times. Never a date though! (My life is in complete reverse and denial of going with the flow of how things should be done, I guess).

Okay so I just thought that was pretty cool. I kinda wish I could have the attitude of a coffee shop…hahaha now I’m actually laughing at the sound of that sentence. BUT, I’ve been learning lately that we should look at our surroundings and learn from them. We should be open to accepting people the way they are. We should let anyone in despite their looks, their cash in the bank, or the reason they are coming to you. Do you ever get kinda annoyed with people who just sit and bother you or talk their head off to you and kinda give you nothing to work with? Or mentally tell them “I have life problems too but you wouldn’t care if I told them to you.” Sucks, doesn’t it? Well that’s kinda like those people who go to a coffee shop and spend 8 hours there but don’t buy a coffee? Kinda using them for free. I’ve done this several times so no hard feelings, again. Ha.

Bottom line: be like  a coffee shop. Be versatile.

When I grow up…


It’s finally here. The phrase everyone has been asking me is currently now. Right now. I’m living it. Before I even continue, can we just recap what I wanted to do according to my age?

kindergarten: a cop, firefighter, or an astronaut.
grade school: ballerina or a vet.
eight yrs old: dolphin trainer or a weather newscaster
nine yrs old until freshman year of college: vet and live on a tropical island while swimming with dolphins

Now: currently it’s becoming a clinical dietician. However it doesn’t stop there.

Honestly, what I want to become when I grow up is become a motivational speaker, I wanna write a book, I wanna become a traveler, I wanna be interviewed by a big news broadcaster, I wanna be an inspiration, I wanna help people know Christ, I wanna host a big event, I wanna be a judge, and I wanna use my education for purposes other than bringing in cash. I wanna use it for higher purposes, because I wont need the money. Who does? I’m way too independent.

I just finished taking an career quiz…and surprisingly it said I should go into the “Health Sciences” field which is the first time one of those quizzes has been correct!

Man…my life is lame sometimes. Did I really just take a career personality quiz on a Friday night instead of hanging out with friends?