This week was SIGMA PHI LAMBDA rush at my university. It was pretty bittersweet…but a lot more sweet than bitter, of course! It definitely made me think back to last year when I rushed. There was so much excitement, confusion, new faces, new friends, but overall it was the greatest decision I’ve made during my college career!


When you think about it, what is better than a group of Christian girls coming together as a unified body and loving on the Lord? We also get to love on our campus, reaching out to the broken. I went from have no sister to 150+ sisters and now this year I will get another 90+ sisters!

Even though rush this week was hectic, I was so happy to watch SOO many girls excited to join such an awesome organization. I can’t wait to wait Phi Lamb grow more and more over the next few years. My phi lamb phamily has been the greatest blessing in my life. They accept me for who I am with my flaws. I love them to death. I can’t wait for these new lambies to join Phi Lamb and get plugged in!



I have never experienced anxiety like my Freshman year of college. The first month was the worst schooling experience I’ve ever..well..experienced of course! Now that I am a Junior in college, you’d think that I’d finally get over being “homesick.” However that’s not the case.


Yes, each year I learn to understand that home is not far away, that my family wont abandon me, that I am blessed to be able to attend school, to know that I have wonderful friends surrounding me, but for some reason at the end of the day I will cry myself to sleep.


It’s not exactly that I am crying because I am mad, sad, confused, or hurt. I just tend to become emotional of not having that same “home” feeling, like the feeling when you embrace your parents. It’s a love/feeling you cannot put to words. At the same time, being homesick is not too horrible is it? In a way, it should be a compliment to your home, your mom, your dad, that they did an awesome job raising you. I’ve spent 17 years with the same people, the same routine, and the same environment. How could I not feel sick, stressed, low, blue, and ultimately sad that for yet another 9 months I will be away from this comfort. It truly hurts.