The People of a North Carolina Airport.

I just wanted to share a heart-warming/wake up moment that I encountered last week. As I was flying to NYC, I had a quick stop in NC. In my spare time, I went to the bathroom to make sure I wasn’t scary looking from waking up at 5am. But the real point of the story is that I met the nicest janitor. You could hear her from outside the restroom an airport. Airports are loud…people are talking all around you. Yet this little lady, with some sweet southern charm, made sure my dang toilet seat was wiped clear and that there as enough paper. That’s not even really the point. The best thing about it was that she was singing and praising Jesus as she was working and cleaning nasty bathrooms that thousands of people use each day. The moment anyone walked in, she was (joyfully) yelling “Welcome Miss, God Bless you, have a Blessed day, Jesus loves you, you have a Safe flight….”

Like seriously, she probably repeats herself 1,000 times a day and each time she says it, it’s like the first time. I was SO SO sooo tempted to get a picture of her…or a video…or even a selfie but I really have to watch myself sometimes because I get too carried away in minor situations.

Fast forward an hour, I decided to go to a different bathroom in a different terminal at the same airport. Same. Exact. Thing. Another worker was legitimately praising the Lord as she was wiping toilet seats, taking out the trash, and cleaning the mirrors. I thought that maybe this was my chance to talk to her (because what else do you do on your layover, right?), but my shyness kicked in and I left by just giving her a smile.

Guys, if someone is an airport bathroom janitor and they are giving all the Glory to God…I don’t know what else is more encouraging. These two ladies I met must have been the most positive people I’ve encountered in a while. They were witnessing to people all around them…in a darn bathroom. Seriously, how cool? What a testimony!