Why are coffee shops so versatile?


I wanna be like you, coffee shop. Okay so this totally sparked as I’m sitting on this rainy afternoon in a particular coffee shop where I’ve been observing people as studying for my midterms because multi-tasking is the new thing, right? So why do we really go to coffee shops? Most of us would think to go study right? Nah. It’s 2014. Now it’s to chat it up with some humans AKA dates. Seriously. I’m sitting here and at least three couples are here on a date. Some guys I’ve recognized and I swore they had a girlfriend? Ew. Kinda sketch. No judgment there though.

Then there’s people that just sit and read the newspaper.

Then you have that one man who slowly drinks coffee from his cup and stares out the window.

Then you have the two moms (maybe one with their new born baby) that are catching up on the married lyfe, ya know?

So long story short, coffee places are probably actually to just hang out and build connections. I’ve done this before. Several times. Never a date though! (My life is in complete reverse and denial of going with the flow of how things should be done, I guess).

Okay so I just thought that was pretty cool. I kinda wish I could have the attitude of a coffee shop…hahaha now I’m actually laughing at the sound of that sentence. BUT, I’ve been learning lately that we should look at our surroundings and learn from them. We should be open to accepting people the way they are. We should let anyone in despite their looks, their cash in the bank, or the reason they are coming to you. Do you ever get kinda annoyed with people who just sit and bother you or talk their head off to you and kinda give you nothing to work with? Or mentally tell them “I have life problems too but you wouldn’t care if I told them to you.” Sucks, doesn’t it? Well that’s kinda like those people who go to a coffee shop and spend 8 hours there but don’t buy a coffee? Kinda using them for free. I’ve done this several times so no hard feelings, again. Ha.

Bottom line: be like  a coffee shop. Be versatile.

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