When I grow up…


It’s finally here. The phrase everyone has been asking me is currently now. Right now. I’m living it. Before I even continue, can we just recap what I wanted to do according to my age?

kindergarten: a cop, firefighter, or an astronaut.
grade school: ballerina or a vet.
eight yrs old: dolphin trainer or a weather newscaster
nine yrs old until freshman year of college: vet and live on a tropical island while swimming with dolphins

Now: currently it’s becoming a clinical dietician. However it doesn’t stop there.

Honestly, what I want to become when I grow up is become a motivational speaker, I wanna write a book, I wanna become a traveler, I wanna be interviewed by a big news broadcaster, I wanna be an inspiration, I wanna help people know Christ, I wanna host a big event, I wanna be a judge, and I wanna use my education for purposes other than bringing in cash. I wanna use it for higher purposes, because I wont need the money. Who does? I’m way too independent.

I just finished taking an career quiz…and surprisingly it said I should go into the “Health Sciences” field which is the first time one of those quizzes has been correct!

Man…my life is lame sometimes. Did I really just take a career personality quiz on a Friday night instead of hanging out with friends?

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