Moments that stick with you.

Sometimes, I encounter people, and then all of a sudden they just stick with me. Their face, their name, the way the acted…it’s all crystal clear in my memory. So weird.

Today, I saw a particular person, and although he was a guy, this has happened to me with kids, pets, waitresses, or whoever. But today it was a guy. I smiled at him, because that’s my job. He gave me a cold smile back. His personality exactly…! About 10 minutes passed and all of a sudden I asked him if he needed help carrying his load out to his car. I’ve never offered help like this before, however, it’s the first thing that came out of my mouth when I noticed his struggle. He starred at me for a few seconds and replied, “Actually, yes that would be great.”

Twenty seconds later, I was back at my job, out of the cold, as he thanked me, looked at me for a few more seconds, and I turned around and walked away. I’m probably overestimating things, but he just stuck with me. He wasn’t a drop dead gorgeous guy, his personality was closed off, but there was something about the way he handled the situation, or maybe it was the stare that he held a few seconds too long to be considered normal.


Who knows. But it’s encounters like this that makes me go into my “deep thinking cave” and wonder. For some reason, I feel like in a different world, him and I could be great friends.

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