For the next 365 days…

It’s amazing how we celebrate a New year..once a year. Approximately every 365 days. To me, nothing ever seems to different other than it’s January all over again and a digit changes on the year I barely even write anymore. Honestly, Jaunary is the more awkward month of the year. We build up all of this anticipation all throughout December about an upcoming year and then the moment it hits 12:00 AM and you have your NYE kiss (which I’ve never even had one). Then it’s all of a sudden a brand New Year and you look at each other and say “Now what?” Guess it’s back to reality.


When I look back at my 2013, there was no ground breaking experience I’ve had, really. Being in college, you’d think that I’d experience a lot of “new things” but honestly, I’ve made most of my memories through experiences with my closest friend while just hanging out at each other’s houses. 2013 promised to be a good year. And it was!


Now, in 2013, I can already tell that I will have several important decisions to make. In 2014, I will become a senior, apply to graduate school and internship programs, and I plan to gain a lot of job experience throughout the entire year. During this year, much of my future will be determine with whichever way I go, kinda like I’ll be experiencing a lot of forks in the road and I gotta determine which way to go…all of them go straight but each just down a different path. Yep, I’ve just described my future in the form of a fork. Ha!


Most of all, I want 2014 to be a year not defined of change, but continuing my goal of growing closer with Christ. With this, I know all other plans will fall into place.


Happy New Year!

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