Why have I never thought of this before…

Why study abroad when you can just move there for at least 1 or 2 years and get another DEGREE?! This just dawned on me this morning since I have been trying to figure out my life and its direction. My greatest fear is being offered a position after my internship (who has ever said that’s a worry in their life?! ME). Well anyways, I think I’ve decided to just graduate college, get my internship out of the way, and then go back to the university lifestyle. But not in the U.S. of A. How about across the country?

I don’t know why this scares people…to just take the leap and move across the world, with a different culture, different people, and maybe a different language. For me, these are the three most exciting things in my life! It just now clicked that I can pursue these things while getting an education!

Let the university searching begin once again…it seems like education never stops working.

I guess I’ll miss mom & dad…….

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