Yes yes, it’s Labor Day weekend. While everyone and their dog are out on the lake with a cold pop in their hand and getting a little darker before autumn comes, I’m inside trying to teach myself school! Crazy thing, I have my first exam this week. It’s Accounting…which is simple to do but just about the most time consuming subject ever. Wait, I’ll take that back…Organic Chemistry is super time consuming, but that’s because it’s difficult…ok who cares.


Anyways, I’m definitely Laboring…with homework this weekend. Next up is Biochemistry homework. Ew. Definitely will have to make myself a coffee to survive this holiday. 

Peace out homies. You’re welcome Mom, for me giving you a very fast delivery two decades ago. Not too much labor, right? And for all those mothers out there about to give birth…props to you. I much rather do all the homework I’ve every combined x5…and that’s pretty hard.



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